Our reliable path
to your destination


Since 1995 we have been taking care of reliable shipments. Later we added storage and other logistics services. We know our roads and paths to the most appropriate solution.  You will get the right direction to reach the destination with MOSS.

Czech partner for
international trANSPORT

We focus on transport to and from Western and Southern Europe but our home is in the Czech Republic. MOSS is the genuine Czech company with Czech owners and capital. We own the spacious warehouse area in Hustopeče and our trucks are mostly our property too.

We have been providing you with transporation and storage your loads for more than 25 years and we will be here for you in years to come.

Join us

MOSS in numbers

350 MOSS people

takes care of your goods every day
also in the warehouse

40 000 europalet

we can store for you in our warehouses
in Hustopeče and Kuřim

More than 25 years

we deal with transport and warehousing,
logistics is our bread and butter

200 trucks

you will find in our MOSS fleet


Our references

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From the first truck
to 220 vehicles on the road


It’s been over 25 years since the year we bought the first truck. What has changed over that time?

See how the time went by in moss


OUR fleet



There are 200 reliable vehicles waiting for you in our fleet. We will always choose the most suitable one for your shipment.

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