Become our colleague! In MOSS we are fair, straight and appreciate people who work with their heart. We all talk to each other and you can discuss your ideas with CEO.



Everyone has an open door

No matter what is your position. We all act fairly – and you can come anytime if you have a super idea or any other comment on working process. We’ll always listen to you.

We like fun after work

Even if there are 500 MOSS employes, we are the sociable Moravians and we know how to relax after work. We organize company grills, a football tournament or a Christmas party. Speaking over a glass of good wine is better than ten meetings and brainstormings.

We´ve been here for 25 years

In almost 25 years since our founding we have been experiencing all sorts of things, so nothing can surprise us. And it never happened that the payouts would be delayed.

Pension insurance, massage and gym

In MOSS we will contribute up to $ 1,000 per month for supplementary pension insurance and secure a favorable tariff for you and your family. You can also enjoy massages, a gym and other benefits.

We will help

You never know what life can bring to you. Even though you might have bad times or family/health problems, we will always help you and never leave you alone.

Good MOSS people return

We respect if our people find a new job – we wish them the best and say goodbye. It happens sometimes that they change their mind after some time and come back. We appreciate they found out we never let them down and they can rely on us.


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Michal Horáček Michal Horáček
sprinter driver
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