Come to work with a company where we act together . In MOSS we all talk and you can come with your ideas as CEO.

Who are we looking for?


Everyone has an open door

No matter where you are. We all act fairly – and you can come anytime, if you have a super idea or vice versa. We’ll always take care of you.

After work, fun

Even if we are 500, we are the Moravian drummers and we can relax after work. We organize corporate grills, a football tournament and a Christmas party . Speaking of a glass of good wine is better than ten meetings and brainstorming.

We are almost 25 years old - and nothing is wrong

In almost 25 years since our founding, we have been experiencing all sorts of things, so does not just do anything to us . And all this time, it never happened that the payouts would be delayed.

Pension insurance, massage and gym

At MOSS, we will contribute up to $ 1,000 per month for supplementary pension insurance and secure a favorable tariff for you and your family. You can also enjoy massages, a gym and other benefits.

We will not let you in it

You never know what he is doing, but you are not alone in MOSS . In a difficult life situation, we always help our colleagues.

Good MOSSIs are coming back

At times, one of us decides to move on in the future – it’s normal. Moses often returns because they find they can not rely on us like they are.


Who will give you the MOSS?


Stories of our people

What is the work in MOSS

In MOSS no one is forced to ride on unpaid broken district roads, there are...

It wasn´t my childhood dream to become a professional driver but I considered steering wheel as fun. I ran a taxi before, but because I...

Michal Horáček Michal Horáček
sprinter driver
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