A sustainable warehouse
with highest environmental standards

MOSS logistics To Build a New Warehouse in Hustopeče


MOSS logistics commenced construction of a new warehouse hall in South Moravian Hustopeče near D2 highway. The terminal will extend the logistic premises opened by the Company in 2020. The new warehouse will have 12,500 m² and capacity of 19,800 pallet spaces. “Four years ago, we built a terminal and we filled it up with the goods of our customers almost overnight. Demand for warehouse premises continues to be high and we believe there is a great business potential in this field,” says Petr Šťastný, MOSS logistics CEO. He adds that the building emphasises sustainability in the areas of electricity consumption, water management and green landscaping. The modern warehouse premises with the area equivalent to two soccer fields will offer comprehensive logistic services, i.e., transport, storage, handling, removing the goods from the warehouse and their shipment.


Construction of the sustainable premises will follow the highest environmental standards with the emphasis on the use of alternative sources of energy. Solar panels will be installed on the new hall´s roof and should supply approximately one third of daily electricity consumption. “It is essential for us that our buildings merge with the landscape and, therefore, we will plant another 700 trees and bushes. The sheathing of the hall will be in tones of grey in a wave-like pattern to visually break the mass of the building,” Šťastný describes. MOSS logistics will use its retention pond built in 2020 to collect rainwater and return it back to the landscape.


The Company will build a sustainable warehouse with a handling area for passenger cars and trucks. The warehouse will include facilities for employees, i.e., a rest area and toilets. Administrative services, canteen and changing rooms will use the facilities located in the current Terminal 2. During the preparation of the project, it was necessary to address the high voltage transmission system whose lines run through a part of the plot. Under the transmission lines, the zone of protection is located where the authorities do not allow any building activities. Access to the new hall is planned via the existing infrastructure with the new warehouse connected thereto. General contractor of the site is Buildsteel, the tender winner. The project costing more than CZK 200 million is funded by Česká spořitelna.


 Originally, MOSS logistics planned to build a car park for trucks and has already obtained a final building permit therefor. “As we did not want to increase traffic on the spine road in Hustopeče and as the car park is no longer needed due to reduction in number of the vehicles, intention to build a warehouse for our local business partners got the green light,” Šťastný explained.


MOSS logistics ranks among top ten logistic companies in the Czech Republic with its 200 trucks and 360 employees. It is purely a Czech company held by Czech owners and with Czech capital. MOSS logistics offer comprehensive logistic services to its customers, i.e., international and domestic transport and warehouse services. The most frequent destinations are Germany and France, followed by Italy, Austria and the Benelux countries. In its warehouse halls in Hustopeče and Kuřim, the company is able to store more than 40 000 euro pallets. Company turnover for 2023 amounted to CZK 863 million.