New logistics



Our existing warehouse  has been filled up which is why we have built a new storage terminal in Hustopeče near Brno. Modern warehouse for 19 000 pallets, where we take care of everything including packaging and transport.

We finished constructing the warehouse in August 2020 and there is still place for you. We can adjust the storage space to your requirements

WE store everything from shoes to refrigerators

Heavy and light, large or small. We store anything that does not need special storage conditions.

We already store

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MOSS likes it clean and in order

Capacity of 19 000 pallets

Do not worry - our warehouse is spacious. It has
10,500 square meters and it is 12 meters high.

In MOSS we are logistics
specialists for e-shops

We know the needs of e-shops and
we can meet them from A to Z.

MOSS manages to pack and transport the goods as well

We have our own vehicles and experience
in transportation throughout Europe

Our warehouse =
cheaper storage

We don't have to pay rent,
you don't have to pay more.

Security 24/7

Your goods is safe and guarded in MOSS.

We like to have
things in order

We carefully organize, pack and distribute. We always know where and how many goods we have.


Storage with MOSS from receiving goods to transport


We will take care of the transport of goods to the warehouse.

We store the goods carefully in racking system or otherwise – as agreed before.

You let us know through the connected systems or by email what you need to despatch and where.

We pack the goods according to your requirements.

Let us arrange the transportation or we will hand over the package to the other carrier.

EDI communication is a matter of course for us.



Is your goods unsuitable for storage on pallets? Is it to big or needs special packaging? We can handle it. Contact us. We will discuss details and we will offer you a proper solution. 

I am lucky my colleagues from warehouse workers to administrative support are as passionate about a "logistics madness" as I am.

We deal with everything immediately, orders have a 1-2 day cycle. Even so we can laugh together and keep a good mood. This is also reflected in our performance and results, with which customers are regularly satisfied. Especially at the end of the year when we successfully go through the inventory.

Dagmar Mlčáková Dagmar Mlčáková
Chief of Logistics