Driver Hustopeče:
international transport


Driver: international transport (hustopeče)

  • Are you a C+E driver with a professional card and are you ready to travel across Europe?
  • We will welcome experienced drivers or newcomers, for learning in pair with an experienced colleague
  • You would drive domestic and especially foreign export/import transport (not long term stays abroad)
  • Most of MOSS vehicles go to Western and Southern Europe (mainly France, Germany, Italy, Benelux)


  • We drive Volvo trucks
  • We use Krone tilted trailers
  • You set the condidtion with dispatchers, they do not “heckle” drivers
  • We have our own service area where we repair vehicles if needed
  • Contracts  with services across Europe
  • Free massages and gym for drivers
  • 25 vacation days
  • Fun after work (parties, family afternoon, grill party, Christmas party)
  • Birthday gift and also gifts to your working anniversary
  • Smart and skilled colleagues working in good atmosphere


When you pass your driving licence exams, you start working in MOSS. If we are both happy with our cooperation, we can pay you back the money you paid for your driving licence (2000 CZK/month). If you leave before your DL is paid, you do not have to return  the money  – we just do not pay the rest. Do you want to know the details? Visit us for coffee, send us an email ( or call Karolína Kudělková on +420 602 725 926.



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Everyone has an open door

No matter what department you work in. We all act fairly – and you can come anytime if you have a super idea. We’ll always listen.

25 years on the market - and nothing is wrong

Throughout 25 years since our founding we have been experiencing all sorts of issues. We know what we do and how to do it. And during all this time it never happened that the payouts would be delayed.

We will not let you down

Life can be difficult. There might be good and also bad times for each of us. We help you overcome difficulties if you are honest and tell us. There is always some solution.

Welcome back!

Occasionally some of us decide to move on in their lives – it is normal and we respect it. There are many former employees who come back after they try another job. We are happy to have them back – they have already found out MOSS is the best and our working conditions are very good.

Fun after work

Even though there are nearly 400 MOSS employes we know how to relax after work. We organize company barbecues, a family afternoon or Christmas party. Our motto is simple: speaking over a glass of good moravian wine is better than ten meetings and brainstorming.

Massages and gym

We will secure a favorable mobile tariff for you and your family. You can also enjoy massages and gym and other benefits.

Stories of our people

Our people views

People at MOSS are fine, we are good friends and atmosphere is very informal. Dispatchers are people experienced in transport, they understand their work and try their best to help drivers on the way. They always explain the new shipment well to me and they are reachable if I need anything.

I drove around Europe for a while in a sprinter but I wondered what it would be like to drive a truck. My friend Jirka...

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